Running a School Stamp Club

Jenni  Stephens of St Clements Stamp Club is pleased to share her approach to running her School Stamp Club:

Each session last ½ hour at lunchtime.

O             We manage to do topics eg – new stamps,

O             Updates from the class links (each pupil is assigned to a class or topic eg RE), choose a stamp.

O             “Mixed tin” they choose one stamp to present on a sheet ie last time 6 such as flags, countries etc; this ½ term 4 different countries and they have to write 2-3 interesting facts this is to get them used to layouts, research and “best” writing,

O             Stamps to display linked to an awareness day/week eg last week it was hedgehogs and soon Chelsea Flower Show – they display examples on our notice board.

O             Swapping (no money concerned)

O             Termly competition, last time “Design a Stamp”, this time “Our Living World” for which I have used the national competition but will be judged by the Head Teacher and 2 members of staff.

They get a certificate and a mention in the school Newsletter.

O             We had a “thought shower” and (using the advice in the Stamp Active leaflets) agreed our terms of reference. We also did our first School Newsletter at the end of the term to demonstrate what we were doing. I am trying to organise a visit to the local post office, the man has agreed I just have to convince the HT.

O             I also send a birthday card from the Collectors Club with a stamp published during the year they were born so lots of 2003 and 04 at the moment.  I get all the signatures from the members in readiness.

 We would like to hear from more Clubs about what you are doing. Please contact us.