About Us

Stamp Active is a voluntary organisation which promotes stamp collecting for young people in the UK.

You can find out more about Stamp Active by viewing some YouTube videos, the latest being with “Conversations with Philatelists” Live from London 2022



Stamp Active Network promotes a number of initiatives, including:

  • KIDS ZONE, sponsored by The Philatelic Traders’ Society, which takes place at Spring and Autumn Stampex, held at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London.
  • THE STAMP ACTIVE COMPETITION, sponsored by the GBPS and THE BRITISH YOUTH STAMP CHAMPIONSHIPS, sponsored by Stanley Gibbons, for those interested in displaying their collections.
  • STAMP ACTIVE is a resource programme for organisers of junior clubs with information and updates on the website.  More information can also be found on  the Club section of this website.
  • STARTER PACKS, sponsored by Stanley Gibbons, for the organisers of new school and junior stamp clubs.
  • KIDSTAMPS, a free postal club for young collectors between the ages of 5 and 19, providing stamps, activities and much more to make your hobby even more fun!
  • WORKSHOPS for children interested in developing their competition entries.
  • AWARDS for the young collector of the year and to organisers for outstanding service to youth philately.
  • STAMPS IN SCHOOLS, sponsored by The Postal Museum, is an independent project run by Erene Grieve, which provides a fun-packed day of stamp collecting displays and activities for primary schools in the UK.
  • and, of course, this WEBSITE to find out more about collecting and the activities of the Stamp Active Network.

Stamp Active Network is supported by major sponsors including The Philatelic Fund, Stanley Gibbons, The Association of British Philatelic Societies, The National Philatelic Society, The Philatelic Traders’ Society, and The Great Britain Philatelic Society as well as many other dealers, individuals and clubs and societies.

We are always in need of financial donations or the gift of stamps, covers and other material.


Donations of stamps, particularly thematic stamps and first day covers, are very important in resourcing the Kidstamps free postal club and our Kids Zone at Stampex and much more. Thank you to everyone who helps us in this way. As a voluntary organisation, we are entirely reliant on the gift of stamps, covers and other materials to continue our programmes.

Please send your donations to:

Peter Barham, Hon. Secretary, Stamp Active Network, 2E Broomwood Road, Orpington, Kent, BR5 2JH

Many thanks for the donations that we do receive. Some have been made anonymously so we have not always been able to thank everyone personally. Your support is vital to our continuing efforts. Thank you to everyone who donates stamps and first day covers.

Recent donations are appreciated from:

2024:  Eddie Shepherd (In Memoriam), Malcolm Moodie, Mrs. Stevens, Steve Rice, George King, Susan Brennan, David Coates, Alan Ward, Ian Harvey, Julian Bagwell, Stephen Taylor for Roger Castle (In Memoriam), Paul Hanham, Andy Watts, Sue Yates

2023: Susan Brennan, Brian Austin, Margaret Crister, Paul Woodness (Solihull PS), David Pass, Martin Davies, Geoff Brown, Peter Cockburn, Stephen Teuma, Peter Tanner, John Hossack, Rosemary Boucher, Susan Brennan, Nick Martin, Dick Prior, Terry Baldwin, Mervin Wallace, Richard Park (Cover Collecting), George King, Susan Evans, Alison & Nigel Oxford, Ian Harvey, Bob Lee, Judy Lewy, Peter Fernbank, Peter Wellings, Liz Appleton, Mark Bean on behalf of his father, Peter Burrell, Annie Chapman, Cheltenham Philatelic Society, Jo Corke on behalf of Kurt Michaels, Richard Park (Cover Collecting), Keith Cruttenden, Miss Esmae Campbell, German & Colonies Philatelic Society, Dr. A C G Gray, Ian Goss, Jonathan Few, Dave Fitzgerald, G J Harrison-Watts, Sarah Hassell, Liz Hayward, Mary Hill, Harriet Hutchinson, Rev. Christopher Jarman, Harvey Kernick, Jerry Leftwich, Hilary Lett on behalf of Ewart E Barratt (known as Roy), Louise Low (Canada), Duncan C MacKay on behalf of Mrs Annie M MacKay, Malayan Study Group, Tim Kestin, Clive Marks, John Markwick, David Martin, Patricia Mayne, Peter McCarthy on behalf of John Robert McCarthy known as Robert, Tony Moore, Beryl Morris on behalf of Brian Morris, Andrew Norrie, David and Jane Ogden, Michael Ryley on behalf of Pip Sotelo, Salisbury & District Philatelic Society, Peter Sharpe, Robert Small, John R Smith, T F Staker, G Stubbs, Duncan Sutherland, Anne Taylor, John Tomlinson, Francis Watson, Peter West, Sue Whitehead

2022: John Buttress, Stephen T Taylor, Cavendish Philatelic Auctions, Tony and Linda Bosworth, David Bailey, John Ray, Kevin Siddoway, Rushstamps (Retail) Ltd, Paul Woodness (Solihull Philatelic Society), Werner Ullah, S C Moore, Stephen Rice, Paul Davidson (Portsmouth Philatelic Society), Ian Harvey, Susan Brennan, Simon Giffin and Andrew Millington (Cheltenham PS), Dr. Mark Hadley, K Patel, Mary Turner (via Julian Bagwell)

2021: Michael Bravery, Joyce Boyer, Peter Cockburn, Keith Cruttenden, Linda Graves, Harvey Kernick, John Peart, Louise Low (Canada), Selby Johnson, G. Stubbs, Brian Sheppard, “Rogerthecodger”, E & L M Swires-Hennessy, Michael Adams, Sue Brown, Peter and Cathy Bruce, Christine White, P. J. Smith (Malayan Study Group), Alan Bailey, David Shlugman, Michael Jensen, Douglas Fairhurst, Peter Andrew, Alex Beavan, Ian Bergel, Tony & Janet Bray, Brian Asquith (Concorde Study Circle), Dr. Arthur Blyth, Andy Cox, Andrew Davis, Anita Elliot, Maurice Hoffmann, Jim Smith (donated by Nicky Jones & Bridget Johns), Susan McEwan, Neil MacDonald (both members of the Malayan Study Group), Andrew Millington (British Thematic Association), Kate Whittaker, Frank G. Bates (USA) (donated by Fiona Wilkinson), Eric Winter, Martine Labrecque (Canada), Margot Blackah, Rev. Kit Jarman

2020: Maureen Wiltshire, D M Williams, Tony Morse (c/o John Shaw), Ian Harvey, Glenna Menzies, Susan Brennan (2), Sue Spoonley, Anne East, John Peart, Charles Strongman, Viv Pert, Marilyn Arncott, Sheila Sinclair, Dave Fitzgerald, Graham Coates, George King, Dr. Anthony Betts, D. Horton, Julia Thackeray, Alan Bailey, Harvey Kernick, Alan Ruby, Susan McEwen, Doug Fairhurst, Ann & Charles LaBlonde, Malaya Study Group: Roger Puncheon, Richard Way, and R Hale, Werner Ullah, Graham Harrison-Watts, David Hilton, John Reeder, Stephen & Wendy Perry, David Jackson, Tony Byron, Barry Stagg, Kongyan, Derek Barham, Mark Phillips, G J Stubbs, Peter Adams, Mrs M J Boyer, Andrew Davis, Michael Adams, Oscar Young (Stanley Gibbons), Philip Renton, John Enfield, Hazel & John Priestley, Mrs Gill, Chris Oliver, Barbara Hollows, Graham Smeed, Richard Smith, Anne Burbridge, Paul Latham-Warde (Salisbury & District PS), Derek Armitage, Ian Grace, Garry Gorford, Liz Appletin, Andrew Pink, Sue Brown, Keith Davies, Brian Sole, Mile Watt, R. W. Bruce, Penny Young, Stephen Hession, Roy St. Pierre, Bill & Janet Hart, Keith Cruttenden, Graham Watts, Terry Staker, Dr. Andrew Dove MBE, Peter Risdon, the late Peter Hogg, British Forces Philatelic Service


Patrons of Stamp Active usually make a donation of £100 or more every year to support our on-going programmes. We are very grateful for their interest and support.

The Association of British Philatelic Societies (ABPS) www.abps.org.uk

Stanley Gibbons www.stanleygibbons.co.uk

Great Britain Philatelic Society (GBPS) www.gbps.org.uk

The Philatelic Fund

The Philatelic Traders Society (PTS) www.philatelic-traders-society.co.uk

Oxford Philatelic Society https://oxfordphilatelicsociety.wordpress.com

Isle of Man Stamps and Coins www.iomstamps.com

Midpex   https://midpex.wordpress.com

The Insurance & Banking Society

Southport Stamp Auctions www.southportstampauctions.co.uk

Paul Davidson, Portsmouth Philatelic Society

Manchester & District Philatelic Traders’ Association www.mdpta.co.uk


Stamp Active does not accept responsibility for any business transactions undertaken with Patrons or Dealers.

Bill Barrell www.barrell.co.uk

BB Stamps www.bbstamps.co.uk

Beckett Philatelics (Ian Park)

Benstamps www.benstamps.co.uk

Mark Bloxham www.philatelic.co.uk

BPA Expertising Ltd   www.bpaexpertsing.com

Tristan Brittain   www.oxfordstampauctions.co.uk

Buckingham Covers  www.buckinghamcovers.com

Candlish McCleery   www.candlishmccleery.com

Corbitt Stamps Ltd www.corbitts.com

John Curtin   www.jcstamps.co.uk

Dauwalders  www.worldstamps.co.uk

Embassy Philatelists www.embassystamps.co.uk

Eric Paul Stamps  www.ericpaul.co.uk

Grosvenor Philatelic Auctionswww.grosvenorauctions.com

Isle of Man Stamps & Coins www.iomstamps.com

Andrew Lajer www.andrewglajer.co.uk

Tony Lester www.tonylester.co.uk

The Magpie (Bill Pipe) www.magpiebillpipe.com

Martello Philatelic Auctions   www.martelloauctions.com

Murray Payne   www.murraypayne.com

Packs and Cards   www.packsandcards.com

Philangles www.philangles.co.uk

Purves Philatelics   www.purvesphilatelics.co.uk

Brian Reeve   www.brian-reeve.com

Rushstamps www.rushstamps.co.uk

Samwells www.samwells.com

David Shaw www.davidshawpostalhistory.com

Spink www.spink.com

Stamp Insurance Services   www.stampinsurance.co.uk

Thematix (Bob Lee and Paula Cant)    www.Thematix.co.uk

Mark Taylor

T & T Auctions   www.tandtauctions.com

Martin Townsend   www.martintownsend.com

Universal Philatelic Auctions www.upastampauctions.co.uk

Andrew Vaughan   www.stampsgb.co.uk


Patrons of Stamp Active usually make a donation of £20 or more in cash or other assistance every year to support our on-going programmes. We are very grateful for their interest and support.

Mulready Philatelics www.mulreadyphilatelics.co.uk

Czech Philatelic Society   www.cpsgb.org.uk

Germany & Colonies Philatelic Society   www.germanphilately.org

Guernsey Post  www.guernseypost.com

Jersey Post  www.jerseypost.com

Nottinghamshire Philatelic Society   www.nottsphilatelic.co.uk

Richardson & Copp

Salisbury Philatelic Society  www.salisburyphilately.org.uk

South African Collectors Society  www.southafricacollector.com

Leamington & District Philatelic Society