“Around the World with Stamps” Competition


A new competition, promoted by StampIt,is available for you to enter.

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Competition Rules:

• Choose a postage stamp which inspires you to create your project.
Look at the StampIT website games for some ideas but there are many stamps from many countries to choose from.
• Find out about the person, place, animal or object on the stamp.
Find out why the country issued the stamp. For example, is it a famous landmark, building or person?
• Find out the official language of the country.
Find out how to write the name of the person, place, animal or object in the language of the country. We encourage the
entry to include some elements in a second language to your own. However, if the majority of the entry is not in English,
please include an English translation/transcript along with the entry. The ASPS judges are English speaking. Many thanks.
• Choose how you would like to present your project.
Create one of the following:
Create a stamp page which provides information on the stamp, the country and the language. You can also use/link to
other related stamps from the same country.
Create a video presentation about the stamp (or stamps).
• Send in entry
Stamp page – scan or photograph the entry. Please provide a clear, good resolution scan or photo.
Video – if too large to email, use free services – e.g. WeTransfer or you can upload to YouTube. You can do this privately,
only allowing people you give the link to access. Note that StampIT would require permission to publicise this link
(see details to include). Video presentations should be no longer than 3 minutes.
Email photos, scans or links to stampit.asps@hotmail.co.uk by 30th April 2021
• Details to include with entry:
name, age (as at 30th April 2021), contact email
parent/guardian permission for StampIT to display or link to the entry on the StampIT website, Twitter and associated
stamp publications and websites.
• Categories:
Entries will be judged in three age groups: Level 1 -5-7 years; Level 2 –8-11 years and Level 3 –12-15 years.
• Winners:
Winners will be announced by 31st May 2021. Winning entries will receive Amazon or equivalent e-vouchers.
Winners £50, second place £25 (or equivalent in your currency). Joint entries will be accepted but the e-voucher will be split accordingly.