“My Favourite Things” Stamp Competition Results

The winners of the prizes in the one-page national competition, sponsored by Isle of Man Stamps & Coins were:

7 Years and Under:            1st:      Piyallini Kalaiarasan: Dogs           Age 6             Bham

2nd:     Florence Martin: Fruits                 Age 7             Ayr

3rd:      Jashayinni Kalaiarasan: Cats       Age 4             Bham

8 & 9 Years:                         1st:      Tobi Morga: Fun Football             Age 9             Wales

2nd:     Lexi John: Cute Dogs                  Age 9             Wales

3rd:      Ava Muirhead: Flowers                Age 8             Ayr

10 to 12 Years:                    1st:      Ama Camps: Beautiful Birds        Age 10            Ayr

2nd:     Lucy Assur: Terrific Transport     Age 10            Ayr

3rd:      Charlotte Brookshank: Flowers  Age 10            Ayr

There were a reduced number of entries this year which was a little disappointing for the organisers and Sponsor. It seems that some who were planning to enter left their preparation too late for the deadline, so think about starting your pages now for next years’ competition. This gives you lots of time to get some feedback and improve the presentation and content over the next few months. You will then be ready in plenty of time with a good quality entry. The competition will run again next year with the winning entries being displayed at Autumn Stampex 2020.

Full details of the rules and entry form can be found on the Stamp Active website in the Competitions pages.