How do I put my stamps in an album?

First of all, you must never use glue, or sticky tape, or any other pieces of sticky paper.

no_tape_or_glue_stampYou can buy special stamp hinges. These are small pieces of specially gummed paper. You fold your hinge roughly one third along its length. Gently moisten the shorter piece, and place it on the back of your stamp, just under the top perforations. Now gently moisten a little part of the rest of the hinge, and fix this to your stamp album page. Using stamp tweezers, you can carefully position your stamp.

You can buy special ‘plastic’ stamp mounts. These are little pockets with a clear front, and either a black or clear backing. They keep your stamps safe and clean, but are quite expensive. Unless you have very special stamps you want to protect, stamp hinges will be fine.