Do YOU know this year’s Young Collector of the Year ?

The Anne Dummer Award was created by the East Midlands Federation in memory of Anne Dummer who was one of the founders of Kidstamps and devoted much effort in promoting stamp collecting among children.
The award is not for who has the best collection, or the best display, or has won the most trophies.  The idea behind the award is to select annually a child who has made a significant contribution to the hobby among young children, by helping and encouraging others, by helping with the running of their local club, or by promoting the hobby in any other way.
We therefore ask you to think hard and think carefully about the young collectors that you have contact with, and if there is anyone that you think is deserving of this award, and would be encouraged in their efforts by receiving it, please send their details to me with relevant background information. The details of all those so proposed will then be considered for the award by the Stamp Active committee.
Nominations can be accepted up to the end of April so that the winner can be selected and announced, and a presentation arranged either at Autumn Stampex or other suitable venue.