Royal Mail Special Stamp Programme for 2015

Penny Black

by Rachel Bellerby, STAMP & COIN MART

Royal Mail has issued details of its 2015 special stamp programme which includes anniversary issues relating to the Penny Black, Magna Carta and the Battle of Waterloo.

The special stamps for 2015 will ‘showcase the best of British‘ through stamps relating both to key historic anniversaries and cultural events.

The year begins with Alice in Wonderland stamps, released on 6 January to mark the 150th anniversary of the publication of one of the most well-loved children’s books of all time, written by Lewis Carroll. Royal Mail will also honour prominent key British inventions with an ‘Inventive Britain’ issue in February.

The British sense of humour is celebrated with the Comedy Greats issue on 1 April. This set of stamps features comedians who have provided some of the nation’s most memorable laugh-out-loud moments in TV, film and theatre history. Next is the second issue in the five-year series of stamps commemorating World War One, and a set to mark the 175th anniversary of the Penny Black (pictured), the world’s first ever stamp.

The 2015 issues continues the military theme with Special Stamps marking the bicentenary of The Battle of Waterloo in June and 75 years since The Battle of Britain in July. The 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta will be marked by the release of a set of stamps in June.

The sport of Rugby Union features in 2015 with a set of stamps launching in September as England hosts the eighth Rugby World Cup.
Other 2015 sets include bridges, bees and Christmas, which will take a religious theme.

The full programme is as follows:

6 January: Alice in Wonderland
20 January: Smilers Refresh
19 February: Inventive Britain
5 March: Bridges
1 April: Comedy Greats
6 May: Penny Black
14 May: First World War: 1915
2 June: Magna Carta
18 June: The Battle of Waterloo
16 July: The Battle of Britain
18 August: Bees
18 September: Rugby World Cup
10 October: TBC
3 November: Christmas

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