Runnymede School Stamp Club

I am delighted to report that after a long suspension of activities we are now up and running again. Due to the Coronavirus precautions necessary at the School we have had to reduce our membership from 30+ down to 12. This is due to class bubble size, social distancing and other practical considerations including meal times. We meet on a Monday lunchtime from noon ’til 12:30 and currently have 6 year 5 boys signed up. We hope to have year 5 girls make up the numbers in due course as they were always enthusiastic collectors in previous years. I am overjoyed at their enthusiasm and the fact that five of the boys had continued their interest throughout lockdown (one being a brand new pupil to the School) and they were keen to show me their albums. We will continue to reward attendance and achievement with Runnymede dollars (which they can use to trade and spend at monthly auctions) and a certificate ( Philatelist of the month) and prizes, mostly donated by your good selves. The School have been very supportive of our activities and our new Head Teacher, Kate Peaston, has encouraged me to take up the mantle again to ensure continuity and development of the Club. We still have our own dedicated classroom and display boards and our resources are such that we will be able to support and expand interest in most areas of stamp collecting for years to come.
The future of the hobby is threatened on so many fronts but if we can get more schools interested in the subject then there is hope for the future. It certainly ignites the enthusiasm for collecting and knowledge in our pupils and that delights me more than I can express.
Very best regards and thanks to you all.
Steve Pye
Runnymede Stamp Club Co ordinator