Runnymede Stamp Club


Runnymede  School Stamp Club was reinstated last year and has now grown to 28 members. The age range is seven to eleven and has 11 boys and 17 girls. Interest was reignited by a visit to the School from a lady representing Stamp Active (whose name escapes me). However her enthusiasm ignited my own and whilst I knew little about stamps the children were so interested, starting the Club was easy. We meet on a Monday and Thursday lunchtime for 3/4hr. Having sorted all the stamps you sent into countries, subjects, and initial letters I have been able to run a couple of projects which means that every child now has their own stamp album. Collecting varies from concentrated efforts on a country or subject to random assortments of pretty stamps. We went to the Liverpool Stamp Fair last Friday and I am delighted to report the children were treated to large discounts and numerous, very generous packets of free stamps. Our current competition is based on the child spelling their name using stamps. Judging will take place next week but in reality everyone will get a prize of some description.

Steve Pye, Organiser