Spring Stampex 2021 Competition Results- ‘My Favourite Things’

Results have been announced for the “My Favourite Things” Competition, sponsored by Isle of Man Stamps & Coins. The winners are:Up to 7 years of Age

1st                                 Benjamin Campbell                        Lizards

2nd                          Niamh Cameron                              Hedgehog goes for a Walk

3rd                           Abeni Johnstone Louis                 The Tree of Life

 Age 8 – 10

1st                                 Peter Talks                                      I Love Running

2nd                          Michael Clough                               My Favourite Place is My Garden            

3rd                           Rahael Talks                                    My Favourite Things – Dogs, Plants & Christmas

Age 11 – 14

1st                                Seren Abbott                                    Golf

2nd                          Ed Potter                                          Bicycle, Cricket & Planes

3rd                          Tanish Timma                                 Tamish’s Favourite Things – Dinosaurs & Space

 Age 15 – 18

1st                                Christopher Stuttard                      The Pianoforte

Best Overall Entry

Peter Talks: I Love Running