St Clements Stamp Club celebrates its 3rd Birthday

We are so pleased to see that the St Clements School Stamp Club is celebrating its 3rd birthday and shown that from little acorns great trees can grow.  Many congratulations.

In 2014 several children from year 5 started the Stamp Collectors Club following a suggestion from one of the students to the Head Teacher.  Like then our aim continues to encourage other students to collect stamps, help others gain knowledge about what and why stamps are produced and have a lot of fun.

We have access to a wide range of resources including stamps and information sheets/books.  We also aim to raise stamp collections with teachers and parents where stamps could be used to enrich discussion in projects etc. Stamp Active and the local Philately Club have provided newsletters and donated stamps.  Great Britain Stamps recently made contact and now provide the monthly magazine.

At each meeting we look at a topic. Each of us collect different things so it is interesting to chat and see the stamps.    We enter competitions e.g. designing stamps based on “Red Nose Day”.  We were so pleased when Natalia won the “Anne Dummer Award for Young Collector of the Year 2016” and travelled with her family to London to collect her cup and other goodies.

We have provided stamps to classes linked to their specific topics such as dinosaurs, the Great Fire of London and castles.  The group enjoyed the recent set of new stamps on Windsor Castle.  Several students reported on the interest shown by their families when they looked at the sets of “Musical Giants” ie Pink Floyd and more recently David Bowie. Displays shown in the Reception area related to “special days or events e.g. World Book Day, William Shakespeare Week, Science and Engineering etc.

Regular attendance is recognised at school Celebration Assemblies with termly certificates.  Membership continues to grow and it is hoped that the excitement and interest continues for many more years.