Stamp Active Competition Results 2015

Competition Entries

With 30 entries, this year’s Stamp Active competition again proved that there are young collectors around who can put forward an excellent stamp exhibit. The judges (Christine Earle, Brian Asquith, John Davies and Richard West) were delighted to see that the majority of the exhibitors were entering the competition for the first time, and that many original ideas were evident. The awards reflect the high standard that was evident.

Thanks to The Royal Philatelic Society London for kindly hosting the judging, and to the Philatelic Traders’ Society for providing the opportunity to display the entries at Spring Stampex.

The competition is sponsored by the Great Britain Philatelic Society, to whom we are extremely grateful.

The winners of the major awards were:

Kidstamps Trophy (for the best overall exhibit): Carys Llewellyn (Winter Sports)

Best entry in Class B: Stephanie Hay (Puppet World)

Best entry in Class C: Carys Llewellyn ((Winter Sports)

Best entry in Class D: Havanna McIndoe (Suspension Bridges)

Best Group entry: St Clement Church (All about St Clement’s Church)

Schools Trophy: Doonfoot Primary School.

Class B (12 and 13 years old)

Stephanie Hay: Puppet World – Silver-gilt                                                    

Class C (10 and 11 years old)

Robyn Archibald: Walt Disney – Stories and sources – Silver-gilt               

Maisie Booth: Living things in my garden – Silver                                        

Claudia Calder: Pioneers of Flight – Silver-gilt                                                         

Neil Foster: Inventions that changed the world – Gold                                

Maggie Glendinning: The Game of Rugby – Silver-gilt                                

Rosie Glendinning: Monsters of the Sea – Gold                                           

Isla Hawthorn: Days of Steam – Silver-gilt                                                   

Daisy Jarvis: Dances – Bronze       

Jack Jarvis: Aeroplanes – Bronze   

Julia Lightfoot: Flower Gardens: Silver-bronze                                             

Carys Llewellyn: Winter Sports – Gold                                                         

Gabriella McNaughton: The Falcon Family – Silver-gilt                               

Emilia Mooney: Birds of the Sea – Silver-gilt                                               

Logan Murray: My Books for Boys – Silver-gilt                                           

Rebekah Mutch: All about Moths – Silver-gilt                                              

Katie Whinnie: Swallowtail butterflies – Silver-gilt                                      

Hayley Wilson: Antelopes – Silver-gilt                                                          

Class D (under 10 years old)

Kylisha Fisher: Our Queen – Silver                                                                

Ffion Llewellyn: Splash! – Silver-gilt                                                            

Sara Llewellyn: Making Music – Silver-gilt                                                   

Abigale McCaffrey: Christmas – Silver-bronze                                             

Havanna Mclndoe: Suspension Bridges – Gold                                            

Morven Montgomery: Run, run, run – Silver                                                 

Kate Muir: Turtles, Terrapins and Tortoises – Silver-gilt                               

Ella Netley: Spring Flowering Bulbs – Silver                                                            

Nia Roberts: Birds: Silver-bronze   

Group entries

Doonfoot Primary School: Life in the Tropics – Silver-gilt                           

Neyland Community School: The Food We Eat – Silver-gilt                        

St Clement Church: All about St Clement’s Church – Gold