Stamp Active Website wins International Award

The Stamp Active Website was awarded a Large Gold Medal (with Felicitations) and Overall Best Website at the Italia 2018 International Stamp Exhibition. This beat many other philatelic websites from around Europe and as far afield as Australia and Brazil.

The Italia 2018 Exhibition was held under the auspices of the Federation of European Philatelic Associations (FEPA).

Websites were assessed on Treatment of Contents, Originality, Significance and Depth of Research, Technical Matters and Presentation. Particular consideration was given to User Interface, Search/Navigation speed and Usability, frequency of updates, overall impression of the layout/web design in terms of self evidence of the pages and the quality of the images. The Stamp Active Website was awarded 95 points (out of 100).

Susan Henderson, Chair of Stamp Active said “This is exciting recognition of all the effort that the Stamp Active Network puts in to promoting stamp collecting to young people in the UK. It is the first time the site has been entered into a philatelic competition and the award has delighted us all.”