What is a stamp catalogue?

Stamp catalogues are listings of all the stamps issued around the world since the very first stamp in 1840.

Stamp CatalogueCatalogues are produced with a wide range of collectors in mind. Some provide an extremely useful basic listing of the stamps, well illustrated, often in colour. Others go into far more detail, and are really only helpful to those who have been collecting for some time.

While many stamp catalogues list the stamps under the name of the country of issue, some are produced for thematic collectors.

Stamp catalogues show you what stamps have been issued, and provide much information about the stamps.

Stamp Catalogue Tips

What does the catalogue tell me?

A stamp catalogue can give you lots of information, some of which you may not need.

First, it will describe the designs of stamps. This is very useful if you are looking for stamps for your own theme. It also helps you write a short description on your album pages.

Do note that not all the stamp designs are illustrated, so you need to check through the written descriptions.

The reason the stamps were issued will be given, and the date on which they were first released.

It will tell you who designed the stamps, and who printed them and the method of printing.

You will find about the watermark and perforations.

And also the face value of the stamp, (that is how much is cost to buy at the time) plus any variations that might have appeared.

There will also be a price for both unused and used stamps. However, do note that these are the prices charged if you buy the stamps from the dealer who produced the catalogue. You can often buy them cheaper: they are certainly not what you would get if you sold your stamps.