Stamp IT

african masks african masks #2 Brownie train cut-outs Brownies sorting stamps memory card stamp game Scouts - stamps on telephones & communication Scouts creating page Victorians - AGBell Victorians - AGBell#2 Victorians - Darwin Victorians - David Livingstone

Stamp IT sessions are fun and interactive workshops for schools and youth groups. Some sessions are a general introduction to stamp collecting while others are based on specific topics. The workshops provide educational activities and use stamps to enhance the learning.

Photos show:

  • Cub Scouts make a simple African mask and hinge an African stamp on to the mask to provide a frame for the stamp.
  • School group learning about many different thematic stamps while playing a memory card game.
  • School group learning about the invention of the telephone.
  • Brownies hinging their train stamps onto decorated engine cut-outs.
  • School group learning about Charles Darwin and identifying real fossils, then matching to fossil stamps.
  • School group learning about David Livingstone, using instruments such as sextants and magic lanterns.
  • School group learning about Edward Lear and writing their own nonsense rhymes!
  • Scouts having fun discovering stamps on telephones and communication.
  • Scouts learning how to create a themed stamp page.
  • Brownies sorting through stamps.


For the Victorians session, the activities were based around five famous Victorians – Alexander Graham Bell, an inventor; David Livingstone, an explorer; Edward Lear, a writer; Charles Darwin, a discoverer and of course, Rowland Hill, a reformer.

Full colour information and question cards along with additional information were created for the children to use at the workstations.

What people say:

Stamp IT has never claimed to increase the number of children stamp collecting, the number of children entering stamp competitions or increase the number of stamp clubs.

Stamp IT does claim to increase stamp awareness in children and adults who have no knowledge of the hobby and in many cases no knowledge of the variety of stamps available.


“excellent well presented activity”

 “all participated actively and good range of material”

 “quite a few are very interested in more info and access to more stamps”

 “perfect for our Primary 6 classes studying Victorians”

 “covered the aims of the Collector Badge for youth groups”

 “the ‘Victorians’ theme fitted into the curriculum”

 “the resources were appropriate for the level of children involved”

 “good games and variety in session”