I am currently sending out packs of approx 250 world stamps to kids all over the world during the Covid19 Lockdown. It is hoped to encourage the next generation of young collectors, and judging by the letters of thanks and appreciation I have had from the parents that their kids are loving getting the stamps. The project was as a direct result of the wish to reinvigorate the hobby of Philately to another generation, that they might ultimately save many good stamp collections from parents and grandparents. I personally have sent out many 1000s of stamps so far to other projects of this kind for schools etc. But now I am sending individual stamps packets out addressed to the children, and have been told how much they are excited to receive at letter of their own through the post especially at this awful time in world history.

I have posted it on lots of Facebook groups, mostly local to start with to see how well the take up was. I have sent 30 packets out in the last two weeks with more enquiries coming in. The schools project I contributed to a couple of years ago with regular lots of 500 to be made up into packets. And a similar project this for kids in Europe.

The problem now is to keep the stock up to send out regular amounts, but hopefully the signs are very encouraging from the offers thus far. I’d like to make it a much larger project in the near future, but obviously that depends on how much stock I can amass.

Send donations to: Mervin Wallace, 6 Underwood Close, Sapcote, Leicester, LE9 4FY