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Stamps in Schools is an award-winning free outreach service, sponsored by The Postal Museum and available to primary and secondary schools throughout the UK. Students discover the story of the post from the Penny Black to the present day through stamps and archival material from the museum collection. Workshops support the national curriculum at Key Stages 1-3 and enrich it by encouraging students to take up one of the world’s most popular hobbies.

Each workshop lasts for one hour, can be delivered to 1 or 2 classes at a time, and includes cross-curricular links to a wide range of subjects including Literacy, Numeracy, History, Geography, Art & Design or Citizenship. Workshops can also be tailored to link to class topics such as ‘The Victorians’ and ‘Communications’.

Stamps in Schools is coordinated by retired teacher Erene Grieve. Erene was the 2012 national winner of the British Museum’s Marsh Christian Trust “Volunteers for Museum Learning” award.

Download the Stamps in Schools brochure (PDF File)

To find out more, or to book a visit, please contact Erene directly:

Erene Grieve
Stamps in Schools Coordinator
01646 278826
Please email:

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Comments on stamp days…

From a Teacher
“The children can build up skills that are transferable to their classwork.”

From an Education Officer
“A well informed and totally absorbing presentation.”

From Parents
“Children are hard work, but the payback is being able to shared their unfettered enthusiasm for things that interest them.”  “Thank you for introducing my child to a worthwhile hobby.”

From Pupils
“I don’t know what it is about stamp collecting but I really like it.”
“I think I have fallen in love… with stamps.”
“Thanks – that was brill!”

The project is the brainchild of Erene Grieve, retired teacher and Lecturer in Developmental Psychology  for the Open University. Erene realised that she had hit upon a winning idea when her first visits into schools proved such a success with pupils and teachers.

The Stamps in Schools Project has received much acclaim including two coveted Rowland Hill Awards from The British Philatelic Trust. Erene has spoken about her work on “Women’s Hour” on Radio 2 as well as Radio Wales. Stamps in Schools has also featured in the Education Guardian and many local papers, which provides an exciting additional outcome for pupils following a stamp day.

Sponsorship has enabled Erene to travel to many parts of the UK, where her work has often been supported by members of the local philatelic society or members of The Stamp Active Network. The stamp days have been received with great enthusiasm – even the teachers have been known to get their own stamps out again!

Many people are surprised that stamps can still enthral and stimulate children today and teachers have been delighted at having discovered such rich resource for a range of teaching and learning activities.

The Postal Museum Schools Programme

School workshops

The Postal Museum is piloting free outreach workshops for primary and secondary schools across London.  These curriculum-linked interactive workshops bring fascinating stories from postal history to life. Learners could discover what happened when a lioness attacked a mail coach, investigate the invention of the Penny Black or find out about the bravery of postal workers when the Post Office went to war.

These workshops are in development and can be adapted to suit the class topic and the needs of learners.

Schools can also book a free visit to The Postal Museum museum store in Debden, Essex and the Royal Mail Archive in London.

To find out more, or to book, visit The Postal Museum website

Learning Packs

The BPMA offer free downloadable resources and activities for schools. The award-winning learning packs include The Penny Black Changed The World, First Class and The Last Post: Remembering the First World War.

To find out more visit the BPMA website

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Delivering The Postal Museum

The Postal Museum is fundraising for a new home for its extraordinary collections.

Due to open in 2016 The Postal Museum will bring together the archive and museum collections for the first time to tell the story of over 400 years of postal history from King Charles I to the present day. The Postal Museum will allow the BPMA to reach new audiences, significantly increase its educational offer and preserve the important history of British postal services and how they changed the world for generations to come.

The Postal Museum is expected to attract 180,000 visitors a year and will reveal the extraordinary stories of one of our most important services. As well as being able to explore five exhibition zones visitors will also be taken on a journey to discover one of Britain’s most remarkable engineering feats – London’s 100 year old underground postal railway – the Mail Rail.

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