Stanley Gibbons launch new Youth Stamp Competition


Earn a “Stanley Gibbons Blue” 

At some of the most prestigious institutions in the UK, the “Blues” are awarded to those who represent the highest level of excellence in their field. This year at Stanley Gibbons, we’re awarding these to the philatelic collectors who can take us on a journey by showcasing the story of an issue. 

How to win a 2021 SG Blue – Tell us the story of an issue 

For the 2nd Stanley Gibbons ‘SG Blues’ competition, the judges want to see you tell the story of an issue. The definition of ‘issue’ has been left deliberately open ended for the competition- maybe you want to tell the story of the iconic Machin design from beginning to date, maybe just one specific set, or maybe even a type of stamp?  

Bear in mid this isn’t just for postage stamps, Revenue, Postal Stationery or Telegraph exhibits are just as welcome. This time you have more space, as the maximum page size has been upped from A4 to A3. The real challenge however, will be to tell the story on a single page. The judges will be looking for completeness and quality of storytelling, beautiful presentation, and of course the philatelic material itself.  

All entries will be exhibited on the Stanley Gibbons Stand during virtual stampex.


U16 Competition Winners – A copy of any single country catalogue of your choice, a voucher for £100 (1st), £75 (2nd), £50 (3rd) and joint article mention within Gibbons Stamp Monthly 

There is also an adult competition.

People’s Choice – A £50 Stanley Gibbons voucher 

How do I participate? 

  • Gather photo(s) of your item or collection. This can be a scanned sheet or a series of clear, high-quality photos shot on your phone. 
  • Write a description of what the item or collection and include the story of that issue.. 
  • Combine both those elements into a showcase-ready single sheet presentation. 
  • Double check the terms & conditions and submit your entry to

What is the judging process?

All entries will be showcased on our website and open to a public vote, the public vote will determine the winner of the “People’s Choice” prize. Main and Under 16 category entries will be reviewed by our esteemed judges (Simon Martin-Redman & Ian Gibson-Smith). There will be a first, second and third winner named for each of these two categories. 

When is the deadline? 

The deadline for all entries is 24 March 2021 so that entries can be displayed during virtual stampex. Winners will be announced on 9 April 2021.