Third Alloway Brownies Stamp Night

The weeks seem to fly by, and we manage to pack a lot into our Brownie meetings! Recently we have been continuing with our ‘Have Adventures’ theme badge, and our Rupert the Bear mascot goes home with a different Brownie each week to ‘have some more adventures’.

We played an obstacle course game about an imaginary trip up a snow covered mountain which involved slotting our hands over our eyes to make ‘snow vision goggles’, then finding our way around rocks (chairs), lakes (hoops), over the river (blue scarf), into the cave (under table), through a snow storm (Young Leader with water sprayer!), over the wobbly bridge (plank) and back down the mountain on the ski lift (a ride on the table trolley – but don’t tell the Health & Safety Officer!) After that the Brownies had another adventure, this time stranded on a desert island where they had a list of 20 items but they had to decide which 5 were the most essential items to help them survive.

Another night the girls got into their Sixes and each Six chose a game to play; they chose Chairs, Beans, Corners and Ladders.

The following week we had a Stamp Night which counted towards their Collector badge. Each Brownie came up with a theme or chose a country, and put together a page of stamps. Some of their titles included ‘Animal Wonderland’, ‘My Nature Collection’, ‘Purple Flowers’, ‘Special Seychelles’ and ‘My Favourite Countries’. These will be sent off for a national junior stamp competition. We played a game called ‘You’ve Got Mail’ and sang ‘I sent a letter to my friend, And on the way I dropped it, One of you must pick it up, And put it in your pocket’. At home-time everyone got a stamp album and some stamps to take home, kindly donated by Stamp Active ( and the Ayrshire Philatelic Society.

For Mother’s Day or Special Lady Day, the Brownies decorated a teapot card and taped a ‘Relaxing’ tea bag inside, and they all promised to help make their Special Lady a lovely cup of tea (with supervision pouring the hot water!). They also decorated a glass jar and put a colour-changing battery tea light inside, and tied on a label saying ‘You Light Up My Life’. They put all the things in a pretty paper bag, and were given strict instructions not to show it to their Special Lady until Sunday; at home-time I heard one little Brownie dash enthusiastically up to her Mum and say “Look what I made for you Mum!”. Bless.

by Brown Owl, Lise Whittle