Tim and Maureen Cory receive the Bill Hart Award

Tim & Maureen Cory

Stamp Active Network has presented the 2014 Bill Hart Award to Tim and Maureen Cory which is given each year to recognise outstanding contributions by adults to the field of Youth Philately.

Tim and Maureen Cory returned to stamp collecting when their daughters joined the Kettering Junior Stamp Club organised by Anne Dummer. Both girls also joined Kidstamps, the children’s postal stamp club which Anne had started under the auspices of the National Youth Stamp Group and from which they both got great pleasure. With Anne’s untimely death they realised that there was no-one there to take over Kidstamps, and they decided to take it on so that other children were not deprived of the wonderful experience of stamp collecting that their daughters had gained. That was 7 years ago when Kidstamps had just 89 members. Now 7 years later, nearly 2000 children have been through the Kidstamps experience, thanks to Tim and Maureen. The scheme works on the basis of sending out vouchers which the children return in exchange for more stamps, FDCs, and other items, and Tim and Maureen are now sending out well over 1000 vouchers a year.
Tim and Maureen received a gift of Royal Mail Royalty items, a framed certificate and both signed the Roll of Honour.