More types of stamp collecting

We have seen that some collectors like to collect by theme or design, but many collect stamps from just one country or a group of countries. Often this may be of a country visited, perhaps on holiday, or a school trip.

Here are some stamps from just one country – France. However it is more usual to collect the stamps from the country where you live, if only because these stamps are usually easier to obtain.

What if I want more stamps?


What about joining a stamp club?

You can swap stamps and make new friends. Maybe your school has one already – if not try and persuade a teacher to start one!

You might be lucky and have a stamp shop in your area.

The stamp dealer may well be able to offer you stamps, and also help you with your collection.

There are events called stamp fairs.

These are held on a regular basis (say once a month, or once every three months) in a place like a church hall. Several stamp dealers all come together in the one place. Very often you will find them advertised in your local newspaper.

There are stamp exhibitions: these are usually held in large towns. If you look at Rocket News, the newspaper of Planet Stamp, you will find the details of the main exhibitions.

Large newsagents sell magazines for stamp collectors. Apart from the articles, and information about new stamp issues, which you will find useful, you will see many advertisements for stamps. But do speak with your parent or guardian before you reply to any of the advertisements.