Winners at St Clements Church Stamp Club

Three members of St Clements Church Stamp Club were delighted to be presented with trophies and medals during their school assembly by Erene Grieve, organiser of the “Stamps in Schools” Project recently. They had each completed 16 pages for their entries in the British Youth Stamp Championships. One won the age group and the other Most Promising (and the South Wales Federation Junior Trophy too). 

The girls were in their Junior School Stamp Club when they started going in for competitions, but they are now in Secondary School where there isn’t a stamp club. They asked if there could be a Sunday afternoon club in the Church Hall and a new club was started there recently. Now other young collectors in the town have started coming along too.

 Erene commented “I didn’t know whether the Church Club would work but I have been surprised. It could be the first Church based stamp club I have come across. At the moment half the kids are church attendees. Some of the parents stay and help which is great. It’s also great to have 2 hours with them, and we have refreshments half way.”